How To Cope With Menstruation With Lemon

How To Cope With Menstruation With Lemon -  Menstruation or Menstruation is the monthly cycle in a woman. Any reasonable menstruation occurs in women who are already mature. Disorder at the time of menstruation any reasonable case. Menstrual disorders are often experienced by women i.e. pain in the abdomen, menstrual blood for too long, too many, or menstruation which is not smooth.

Cope With Menstruation With Lemon
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If menstruation does not smoothly it could be there is a hormonal disorder femininity. A late menstrual one or two days is still normal. However, if her period is late up to a week or even a month could mean there is a glitch on your body. You don't need to worry. Before you perform the examination to a specialist you can try tips smoothly menstruation naturally with natural ingredients such as papaya, lime, and turmeric.

This herbal plant, able to cope with menstruation in women

Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves have long been known to be able to facilitate menstruation. Prepare a few leaves of fresh papaya then wash to clean. Boiled Papaya leaves fresh 1:2 by comparison, i.e. 1 glasses of water to 2 strands of papaya leaves. Boiled papaya leaves to boil. After simmering the stew papaya leaves water filter and add a little acid and salt. Drinking water-water stew papaya while still warm.


Tips smooth menstruation naturally is to use lime juice. Lime is indeed better known as cough medicine. However, lime also potent smoothen your monthly menstrual cycle. The trick quite easily by mixing 3 tablespoons lime juice with honey and warm water. For optimum results is this herb consumption 3 times in a day with just half a glass.


Turmeric cures smooth the skin and also facilitate menstruation. You can crush the Saffron then coupled with water and boil until boiling. After boiling, strain and drink when still warm.

So is the article that I can share about how to cope with menstruation with lemon may be useful and helpful to all of you.

4 the dangers of sugar, for health

4 the dangers of sugar, for health - Sugar is already a main ingredient that is required in our kitchen. According to BPS data by 2015, per capita sugar consumption of Indonesia is high enough, i.e. 1.3 ounces per week or more than half a kilo per month. This is the third largest food consumption after the rice and chicken eggs.

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That is not a lot of people realize, in addition to having negative effects on teeth and blood sugar, sugar also has many impacts harmful to the health of the body. Even two of the four dangers of sugar that we discuss here maybe you've never known before.

We will discuss four reasons why today we must control the intake of sugar in the body.

1. sugar accelerate the aging process of the skin

When it enters the bloodstream, the sugar will be chemically linked to proteins such as collagen and elastin which two this protein plays a permanent keep skin youthful.

Initially, this interaction will damage the proteins which damage collagen and elastin will make the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

Afterward, he will be producing a new hazardous substance, which makes the skin more vulnerable to exposure to sunlight. This will worsen the skin condition due to the Sun is the main cause of premature aging.

2. sugar triggers inflammation

The ability of sugar exacerbates inflammation will cause the appearance of acne and wrinkles on your skin. It will also increase the risk of illness is arthritis.

Even when we drink sweet tea warm when the flu, sugar can be a breeding ground for bacteria in the throat are inflamed.

3. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease

During the 20th century, doctors thought if the cardiovascular disease can be prevented by lowering the consumption of fat that causes a rise in cholesterol levels. Sugar is not considered too dangerous compared to animal law mark. People ever do a fat-free diet but do not reduce sugar consumption.

In the early 21st century, things changed drastically. Recent research shows that sugar turned out to significantly improve cholesterol levels. Cholesterol which then stuck to the walls of blood vessels which were already damaged by sugar.

4. sugar can literally make you a heavy stress

It may sound far-fetched, but research proves that sugar could be a cause of depression. This happens because the sugar will decrease the hormone levels BDNF, which hampered production in sufferers of depression and schizophrenia.

Other studies show that people who consume too much sugar can make uneasy. This is ironic because usually people uneasy and even likes to eat sweets.

And one of the experiments showed when the mice grew to be more stupid when eating too much sugar. Scientists associate it with the content of sugar is ruining the network between brain cells responsible for capture power in learning and memory.

Is It True That Cucumbers Cause Vaginal Discharge

Is It True That Cucumbers Cause Vaginal Discharge - Cucumbers are one of the vegetables that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and is also rich in minerals. These vegetables are often used as a face mask. The function of the cucumber one is reducing the swelling of the eyes (eye pouch). In addition to its benefits, these vegetables are said to be the cause of vaginal discharge on the organ of femininity. Vaginal discharge is a germ infection in the female sex organs. Then if there was any connection with the cucumber? There is nothing at all. Whiteness is not caused by the food consumed.

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This is the type of vaginal discharge that is differentiated according to the cause

Normal vaginal discharge
Normal vaginal discharge typically out during premenstrual, after menstruation, when the woman is fertile, and in a time when sexual excitation occurs. Normally mucus yellowish vaginal discharge is white. Overcome such as egg yolk and odorless. Normal mucus does not cause pains, not itchy and does not smell.

Vaginal discharge due to yeast infection
Who needs to watch out for is when the white shape is lumpy and feels very itchy. That means vaginal discharge accompanied by a yeast infection. White lumpy usually cannot be seen directly, Speculum examination needs to be done by the obstetrician to look inside the vagina there is a white vapor caused by the fungus.

Vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection
There is another type of vaginal discharge that is already colored greenish yellow and pungent smell. This type of vaginal discharge due to the presence of venereal diseases such as gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.
Gonorrhea (gonorrhea) is caused by bacteria that live in the gonococcus vagina or the penis of its victims. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused due to a parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis.

Vaginal discharge due to illness (cancer)
More dangerous is the type of vaginal discharge that occurs over and over again, treated failed to recover, and gradually there is spotting or blood clots in the menstrual period beyond. It indicates the presence of a malignancy such as cancer. With complaints such as pain in the abdomen, pain during urination, pain and also when performing intercourse.

After that explanation, then concluded that there is no relation of eating cucumber with whitish. It's just a myth that spread widely in the community and needs to be straightened out. The importance of maintaining cleanliness of the area of femininity is a solution to avoid all sorts of health problems. Make it a habit to live clean especially for women to keep the organs of her femininity in order to remain healthy.

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3 efficacy fruit of Parkia to cope with Cancer

3 efficacy fruit of Parkia to cope with Cancer - Cancer is one disease that most often eliminates lives. Not only in Indonesia, even worldwide of cancer into a very scary disease. Often cancer patients difficult to cure because of not knowing the early symptoms of cancer sign. In addition in the early stages is usually a symptom of not so can be felt, and after entering the stage further then there is known disease of cancer in his body. Unfortunately at the moment of discovery is precisely the cancer cells had spread so that it hopes to recover become smaller.

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The causes of cancer, namely the presence of cleavage and cell growth that is outside the control of the body, so that it can suppress healthy cells and destroys the function of the organs of the body to attack. Abnormal cell activity is generally caused by exposure to radiation and free radicals are compounds. To overcome cancer, the medical party has had its own method of treatment, but a lot of people who want to use herbal medicines which cost more affordable and far from the dangerous side effects. One of the natural ingredients believed to fight off cancer cells is holistic.

You certainly wonder and not think, if it turns out the MLA has a strong scent can have tremendous benefits. Parkia Speciosa was taken from the tree that is quite high, which is about 20 meters. Because it is a bit difficult to harvest the MLA. The part that is utilized from Huntersville is a light green colored seed. MLA is typically utilized as companion menu main meals or serve as fresh vegetables. MLA benefits to cancer are known after one of the world's largest drug manufacturers has informed a series of laboratory tests have been conducted since the 1970s stating MLA can overcome at least 12 types of cancer. This discovery is astounding to many parties, especially for the layman.

The following Huntersville properties for cancer:

1. Mla Contain antioxidant compounds that are quite high
Parkia Speciosa contains some antioxidant compounds that help to absorb free radicals are compounds that are deposited in the body. One of the known antioxidants is vitamin C, which is the sum of 46 milligrams in each 100 grams of Huntersville. Vitamin C helps to increase the resistance of the body, help fight various diseases and prevent infection. With his ability, vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds can inhibit the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells in the body.

2. The power of Holistic Against Cancer cells up to 10,000 times stronger Than Chemo
The surprising thing is discovered by a drug manufacturer in the world performing up to 20 laboratory tests, that the ability of Parkia in the fight against cancer cells up to 10,000 times more powerful than the chemotherapy of cancer. It is indeed a medical party has not stated with certainty that it will be the truth, but the discovery of inviting many researchers to conduct more research. Parkia Speciosa is considered as antimicrobial properties which include bacterial and fungal infections, even very effective against the parasite in the body, including the stomach worms.

3. the Mla Can Resolve many types of cancer
Quoted from research that has been done, Huntersville, not only can overcome one or two types of cancer but some types of cancer. Parkia Speciosa can destroy cancer cells including malignant cancer even at least on 12 types of cancer. Some of these are prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the pancreas. His ability to fight the cancer cells better than adriamycin, a chemotherapy medication often used medical party in the world to treat sufferers of cancer patients.

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5 Health Analysis of the foot

5 Health Analysis of the foot - Our body is miraculous, one is sick, the other must respond. For example, if more quietly, suddenly we were hit hard, there's a reaction. Either the mouth or hand out a reply to hit. That is, when something goes wrong, the body has a way to let you know. This is done through a variety of mechanisms, one of them on the feet!

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Know and understand what is said to be trying to walk about the health of ourselves can help us become more in tune with your body, and immediately resolve the problem.

Here's the 5 Health Analysis of the foot

1. Ft devoid of hair
If the foot is smooth with hair that actually does not exist, it may be thought to have been successfully treated legs because without the pretty. But actually, it could be a sign of serious circulation problems.

Usually caused by cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis; When the arteries harden, making the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. The heart will prioritize certain vital areas on the body. And walk the last including the most priority. So, walk without hair can be caused by poor circulation is not good.

2. Toenails looked sunk.
Whether you toes slightly concave shape, with a little spoon? This happens when the body you don't have enough iron-a condition known as anemia.

When untreated anemia can make you feel tired, weak, and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency can easily be solved by eating more red meat, seafood, green vegetables and dried fruit. Or you could also be taking iron supplements.

3. the Wounds never heal
Wounds on the feet of you do not heal is a sign warning sign of diabetes. You see, high blood sugar levels cause nerve damage especially in your feet. The cut and wound your body will usually recover, stay afloat indefinitely. In extreme cases, it can cause severe infections in which the amputation necessary.

4. Cold feet
Listen, we're all a little hesitation from time to time. But if you have cold feet actually and literally for no apparent reason, it is a serious problem. This could be a sign that your thyroid gland responsible for warming up your body do not function by producing too much homocysteine.

Excess homocysteine can also cause heart disease, circulation and stiffness were bad. Take a look at this article to find out some of the common symptoms of thyroid problems in others.

5. yellow finger Nails
Thick nails thick and most often is the end result of a yeast infection. You could have gotten the infection from a number of sources; The culprit is likely to include shoes that do not breathe, a public swimming pool and drying your toes is not appropriate when wet.

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