How To Maintain Brain Health

how to maintain brain health - Quite a lot of diseases that are associated with a decrease in brain function especially memory. The brain is in charge of regulating the functions of all the organs in the body. Unfortunately, the brain does not have the ability to fight the effects of aging. The more we get, the more brain cells weaken and decline of the function. How preventive or preventative efforts so that is not the case the decrease in sharpness of memory before the elderly?

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Structurally, the brain is already getting protection from the bones of the skull. On the inside of the brain and meninges membrane coated with the liquid of the meninges. But the brain still has a risk of developing the disease and decreased function.
That has to be wary of is the person who has the disease of hypertension, diabetes, and lives the lifestyle is not good for smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Here's 5 ways, how to maintain brain health

There are several ways that can be done to help maintain brain function and maintaining brain health, such as:

1. Diligent Exercise
Sport aims to smoothen the flow of oxygen to the brain. Diligently exercising, the brain can produce new cells so the connectivity between brain nerve being the maximum. Exercise can lower high blood pressure, reduce stress and cholesterol in the blood. Not only the brain, exercise can also nourish the body as a whole.

2. Protect your Head from injury
The discipline using a safety when driving is required. Wear a helmet or seatbelt can reduce the risk of head injuries in an accident on the road. Injury to the head while a young age can lead to cognitive brain disorders later in life.

3. Avoid high cholesterol
Heaps of cholesterol can form plaque on the walls of the blood vessels so that the supply of oxygen to the brain become obstructed. If continuous occurs then the brain cells will be damaged and cause a stroke.

4. Control of blood pressure and blood sugar
People who have the disease of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol should regularly monitor the health condition of his body. Complications of the disease can damage brain cells until the risk exposed to Alzheimer's disease.

5. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs
Smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs can damage brain cells. The third of these substances can also cause swelling of the blood vessels, be causing stroke, decreased memory and a centralized mindset.

To keep your brain memory functions make it a habit of measuring brain, reading, and playing puzzles. No less important is sleep, the sleeping body can refresh brain power and also has worked a full day. Maintaining healthy brain can make the quality of life remain the maximum.