Know your disease, symptoms and treatment Syringomyelia

Know your disease, symptoms and treatment Syringomyelia - A few months ago he received news of the arrest of a man who was planting marijuana plants with a reason to treat his wife who suffered from the disease syringomyelia. The disease may still sound familiar in the ear. Syringomyelia is a disease of the spine that are overgrown by cysts contain fluid (syrinx). These cysts grow in the bone marrow, if the cyst continued to dilate then it can cause spinal damage. Fluid (syrinx) formed from the cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid is the protector of the brain and spinal cord. Disease syringomyelia symptoms usually begin to be felt when age 20 years or 30 years.

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Syringomyelia is caused by a blockage of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The blockage of cerebrospinal fluid caused by:

  1. Small brain (cerebellum) protruding out of the bones of the skull to get into the channel of the spine.
  2. Infection of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).
  3. Inflammation or wound that occurs in the membrane covering the brain and the arachnoid spine.
  4. Spinal injuries due to the onset of trauma, infection, radiation and bleeding.
  5. Leaking cerebrospinal fluid due to nerve tube not closed completely. This disorder called spinal dysraphism which is a congenital disorder since birth.
  6. A genetic disorder of autosomal recessive genes decreased.

The symptoms caused by the disease syringomyelia, among others:

  1. Rigid on shoulders, neck, back, arms and legs.
  2. Weak muscles.
  3. Neck and back pain.
  4. Muscle body sags.
  5. A curved spine.

Patients who suffered from the disease syringomyelia would be referred to a doctor's examination of the neurologist to undergo inspection as follows :

  1. The examination of health history.
  2. Physical examination.
  3. The MRI examination to see the condition of the spinal cord.
  4. Injecting a substance into the blood vessels located in the crotch to detect or no tumor, a cyst in the spinal cord.
  5. Examination of CT scans to see the clear image of the spine and the spinal cord.

Disease syringomyelia can lead to complications of the disease such as:

  1. Chronic pain resulting from damage to the bone marrow.
  2. Scoliosis that is banked his spine.
  3. Leg muscles weak and rigid so it does not run.
  4. Failed breath due to the enlargement of the cyst fluid (syrinx).
  5. Damage to the spinal cord nerve function.
  6. Paralysis of the hands and feet.
  7. Lung infection (pneumonia).
  8. The blockage of a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the lungs (pulmonary embolism's).
  9. Paralysis of the nervous system that controls the motion of the muscles.
  10. Cannot control the organs of the lower body (paraplegia).

To reduce the effect of disease syringomyelia, avoid strenuous activity that is weighing down the spine. Do physical physiotherapy to prevent due to the weakening of the muscles and organs of the body rigid. When complaints of syringomyelia are getting worse, then the doctor will take surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

Surgical steps undertaken include the following:

  1. Operation craniectomy suboccipital, i.e. extending the bone of the skull so that the brain is small is no longer go into the channel of the spine, so the flow of cerebrospinal fluid back smoothly.
  2. Dura operating meters, i.e. extending the cover layer of the brain.
  3. Operation minimizes the size of the cyst.
  4. Surgical removal of the tumor that presses the spine.
  5. Surgery to drain the fluid that forms a cyst.

After surgery, the doctor will give you an antibiotic to prevent infection that can cause complications. Advanced care will still be done due to post-operative syringomyelia can relapse even at risk of permanent damage to the nerves and spinal cord.

In a case which made cannabis plant extracts for the treatment of disease syringomyelia is actually no scientific basis. Cannabis leaf extract only effect conferring relieving pain rather than treat. So far the researchers are still examining the benefits of marijuana leaves for treatment. That is cause for concern is the impact of the use of cannabis, that is addictive, damage brain cells, impaired memory and thought patterns, and emotional disorders are not stable. In Indonesia, the use of cannabis plant is a violation of the law because marijuana is included in the category of narcotics group I.

Syringomyelia treatment should only reach through medical lines. Syringomyelia is a complex disease that involves the nervous system, muscles, and other organs. Checks should be carried out in depth to prevent permanent damage to the nerves. Treatment not only relieves pain but more to repair the body systems that are experiencing interference.