7 list of fermented foods

7 list of fermented foods - When food rots, you must immediately dispose of it. But there is a number of rotten food, safely consumed and even healthy and can make your body healthy.

7 list of fermented foods
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Yes, the food is fermented or preserved food is indeed not the rotten food, but technically it is no longer fresh and contains bacteria. However, the bacteria contained in food fermentation is the good bacteria that is highly beneficial for the health of the digestive system of the body. Then, what are the foods ' rotten ' is good for the health?

This is the list of fermented Foods 7

1. Cheese
The cheese is formed when milk was given the bacteria and enzymes that lead to clot milk and froth. After the milk to clot, the fat and protein clumps of cut, shaped and fermented into cheese.

2. Sauerkraut
If you are suffering from digestive problems, this is one of the foods that can help. Sauerkraut or pickled cabbage typical Germany created by the fermentation process with salt in a long time to change acid naturally.

3. Miso
Did you know that fermented soybean paste miso typical Japan is able to help prevent cancer? Yes, miso is one of the foods ' foul '. Sakura society makes regular miso with a fermentation process involving soybeans, barley, wheat, and rice.

4. Pickles
Whatever type of pickle, if consumed would provide benefits for the body, especially in maintaining the health of the digestive system.

5. soy
This one is very familiar foods in Indonesia Society tongue. Ass made from soybeans are marinated in vinegar and fermented in a certain time. Soybeans rose bonded with the mycelium, which is a type of fungus that is sticky and safe for consumption.

6. Kimchi
Kimchi has been reaping high popularity in recent years, especially after being crowned as the food for the world. Kimchi is basically the term for pickles in the language of Korea. The most famous variant of kimchi in the world is the beach kimchi made from chicory.

7. Kefir
Kefir is actually almost the same with yogurt i.e. dairy animal treated with the process of inoculation of seeds with kefir. The milk is used not only cow's milk but also goat's milk and lamb. Kefir is very good for the stomach because it helps prevent indigestion and other stomach problems.

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