This is a benefit to the health of crying

This is a benefit to the health of crying - Cry indeed definitely never experienced by all living creatures and the most frequently experienced by man, crying because there are things that we feel a pain in your heart, that make our tears.

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Many have stated that the cry, is not a solution that could solve the problem. However, the statement turns out to not be true. Because Cry also has benefits for the health of the eyes. What's it? just we refer to his review below and may be useful for those of you loyal readers.

some of the benefits to the health of human tears

Clean the eye
When the crying, the tears will multiply and indirectly will cleanse your eyes from dirt and dust is attached to. With weeping eyes, moisture is also more awake and protected.

Kill germs
Tears turned out to have a super good content, namely lysozyme. These compounds can kill up to 90 percent of the bacteria in the eye. In addition, the crying can also clean up the poisons that exist throughout the body so as to make the body more healthy.
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Improve the mood
When being the involved problem, never stop me from crying. Because by crying, you can reduce the levels of manganese in the body, one of the minerals that affect your mood. With a cry, you will create a feeling more comfortable and quiet.

Undoing stress
Crying is a great way to release the burden and pressure you feel. Crying can also lower blood pressure increase when the emotion peaked. With a cry, stress levels and blood pressure will be balanced and left feeling will also be quieter.

That's the last of some importance of the cry for human health, all this discussion I've saturates, if you have any questions or criticism and advice, provide comments on columns that have available below, may be useful, thank you.


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