5 Health Analysis of the foot

5 Health Analysis of the foot - Our body is miraculous, one is sick, the other must respond. For example, if more quietly, suddenly we were hit hard, there's a reaction. Either the mouth or hand out a reply to hit. That is, when something goes wrong, the body has a way to let you know. This is done through a variety of mechanisms, one of them on the feet!

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Know and understand what is said to be trying to walk about the health of ourselves can help us become more in tune with your body, and immediately resolve the problem.

Here's the 5 Health Analysis of the foot

1. Ft devoid of hair
If the foot is smooth with hair that actually does not exist, it may be thought to have been successfully treated legs because without the pretty. But actually, it could be a sign of serious circulation problems.

Usually caused by cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis; When the arteries harden, making the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. The heart will prioritize certain vital areas on the body. And walk the last including the most priority. So, walk without hair can be caused by poor circulation is not good.

2. Toenails looked sunk.
Whether you toes slightly concave shape, with a little spoon? This happens when the body you don't have enough iron-a condition known as anemia.

When untreated anemia can make you feel tired, weak, and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency can easily be solved by eating more red meat, seafood, green vegetables and dried fruit. Or you could also be taking iron supplements.

3. the Wounds never heal
Wounds on the feet of you do not heal is a sign warning sign of diabetes. You see, high blood sugar levels cause nerve damage especially in your feet. The cut and wound your body will usually recover, stay afloat indefinitely. In extreme cases, it can cause severe infections in which the amputation necessary.

4. Cold feet
Listen, we're all a little hesitation from time to time. But if you have cold feet actually and literally for no apparent reason, it is a serious problem. This could be a sign that your thyroid gland responsible for warming up your body do not function by producing too much homocysteine.

Excess homocysteine can also cause heart disease, circulation and stiffness were bad. Take a look at this article to find out some of the common symptoms of thyroid problems in others.

5. yellow finger Nails
Thick nails thick and most often is the end result of a yeast infection. You could have gotten the infection from a number of sources; The culprit is likely to include shoes that do not breathe, a public swimming pool and drying your toes is not appropriate when wet.

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