How To Cope With Menstruation With Lemon

How To Cope With Menstruation With Lemon -  Menstruation or Menstruation is the monthly cycle in a woman. Any reasonable menstruation occurs in women who are already mature. Disorder at the time of menstruation any reasonable case. Menstrual disorders are often experienced by women i.e. pain in the abdomen, menstrual blood for too long, too many, or menstruation which is not smooth.

Cope With Menstruation With Lemon
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If menstruation does not smoothly it could be there is a hormonal disorder femininity. A late menstrual one or two days is still normal. However, if her period is late up to a week or even a month could mean there is a glitch on your body. You don't need to worry. Before you perform the examination to a specialist you can try tips smoothly menstruation naturally with natural ingredients such as papaya, lime, and turmeric.

This herbal plant, able to cope with menstruation in women

Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves have long been known to be able to facilitate menstruation. Prepare a few leaves of fresh papaya then wash to clean. Boiled Papaya leaves fresh 1:2 by comparison, i.e. 1 glasses of water to 2 strands of papaya leaves. Boiled papaya leaves to boil. After simmering the stew papaya leaves water filter and add a little acid and salt. Drinking water-water stew papaya while still warm.


Tips smooth menstruation naturally is to use lime juice. Lime is indeed better known as cough medicine. However, lime also potent smoothen your monthly menstrual cycle. The trick quite easily by mixing 3 tablespoons lime juice with honey and warm water. For optimum results is this herb consumption 3 times in a day with just half a glass.


Turmeric cures smooth the skin and also facilitate menstruation. You can crush the Saffron then coupled with water and boil until boiling. After boiling, strain and drink when still warm.

So is the article that I can share about how to cope with menstruation with lemon may be useful and helpful to all of you.

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