4 the dangers of sugar, for health

4 the dangers of sugar, for health - Sugar is already a main ingredient that is required in our kitchen. According to BPS data by 2015, per capita sugar consumption of Indonesia is high enough, i.e. 1.3 ounces per week or more than half a kilo per month. This is the third largest food consumption after the rice and chicken eggs.

Image Source: pixabay.com (the dangers of sugar)

That is not a lot of people realize, in addition to having negative effects on teeth and blood sugar, sugar also has many impacts harmful to the health of the body. Even two of the four dangers of sugar that we discuss here maybe you've never known before.

We will discuss four reasons why today we must control the intake of sugar in the body.

1. sugar accelerate the aging process of the skin

When it enters the bloodstream, the sugar will be chemically linked to proteins such as collagen and elastin which two this protein plays a permanent keep skin youthful.

Initially, this interaction will damage the proteins which damage collagen and elastin will make the skin becomes dry and wrinkled.

Afterward, he will be producing a new hazardous substance, which makes the skin more vulnerable to exposure to sunlight. This will worsen the skin condition due to the Sun is the main cause of premature aging.

2. sugar triggers inflammation

The ability of sugar exacerbates inflammation will cause the appearance of acne and wrinkles on your skin. It will also increase the risk of illness is arthritis.

Even when we drink sweet tea warm when the flu, sugar can be a breeding ground for bacteria in the throat are inflamed.

3. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease

During the 20th century, doctors thought if the cardiovascular disease can be prevented by lowering the consumption of fat that causes a rise in cholesterol levels. Sugar is not considered too dangerous compared to animal law mark. People ever do a fat-free diet but do not reduce sugar consumption.

In the early 21st century, things changed drastically. Recent research shows that sugar turned out to significantly improve cholesterol levels. Cholesterol which then stuck to the walls of blood vessels which were already damaged by sugar.

4. sugar can literally make you a heavy stress

It may sound far-fetched, but research proves that sugar could be a cause of depression. This happens because the sugar will decrease the hormone levels BDNF, which hampered production in sufferers of depression and schizophrenia.

Other studies show that people who consume too much sugar can make uneasy. This is ironic because usually people uneasy and even likes to eat sweets.

And one of the experiments showed when the mice grew to be more stupid when eating too much sugar. Scientists associate it with the content of sugar is ruining the network between brain cells responsible for capture power in learning and memory.