Is It True That Cucumbers Cause Vaginal Discharge

Is It True That Cucumbers Cause Vaginal Discharge - Cucumbers are one of the vegetables that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and is also rich in minerals. These vegetables are often used as a face mask. The function of the cucumber one is reducing the swelling of the eyes (eye pouch). In addition to its benefits, these vegetables are said to be the cause of vaginal discharge on the organ of femininity. Vaginal discharge is a germ infection in the female sex organs. Then if there was any connection with the cucumber? There is nothing at all. Whiteness is not caused by the food consumed.

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This is the type of vaginal discharge that is differentiated according to the cause

Normal vaginal discharge
Normal vaginal discharge typically out during premenstrual, after menstruation, when the woman is fertile, and in a time when sexual excitation occurs. Normally mucus yellowish vaginal discharge is white. Overcome such as egg yolk and odorless. Normal mucus does not cause pains, not itchy and does not smell.

Vaginal discharge due to yeast infection
Who needs to watch out for is when the white shape is lumpy and feels very itchy. That means vaginal discharge accompanied by a yeast infection. White lumpy usually cannot be seen directly, Speculum examination needs to be done by the obstetrician to look inside the vagina there is a white vapor caused by the fungus.

Vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection
There is another type of vaginal discharge that is already colored greenish yellow and pungent smell. This type of vaginal discharge due to the presence of venereal diseases such as gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.
Gonorrhea (gonorrhea) is caused by bacteria that live in the gonococcus vagina or the penis of its victims. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused due to a parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis.

Vaginal discharge due to illness (cancer)
More dangerous is the type of vaginal discharge that occurs over and over again, treated failed to recover, and gradually there is spotting or blood clots in the menstrual period beyond. It indicates the presence of a malignancy such as cancer. With complaints such as pain in the abdomen, pain during urination, pain and also when performing intercourse.

After that explanation, then concluded that there is no relation of eating cucumber with whitish. It's just a myth that spread widely in the community and needs to be straightened out. The importance of maintaining cleanliness of the area of femininity is a solution to avoid all sorts of health problems. Make it a habit to live clean especially for women to keep the organs of her femininity in order to remain healthy.

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